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Discover the critical role our Corporate Functions play in the backbone of ICUC, ensuring that our mission to deliver outstanding social media services is always at the forefront. Here's your invitation to be an integral part of the team that keeps the wheels of innovation and excellence turning.

What awaits you?

Impact: Your work in Corporate Functions is more than just support; it’s the foundation that allows every other department to excel. From ensuring smooth operations to crafting creative campaigns, your role is pivotal in our collective success.

Innovation: Bring your creativity and problem-solving skills to the forefront as you work on projects that enhance our operational efficiency and workplace culture. Your contributions will not only be recognized but celebrated as part of our path to excellence.

Community: Be part of a team that values collaboration, efficiency, and creativity. Whether you’re in logistics, marketing, HR, or any other corporate function, you play a vital role in maintaining and enhancing the ICUC culture and operational success.

Who We're Looking For

Professionals dedicated to excellence, efficiency, and fostering a positive workplace culture. The unsung heroes of the workplace if you will. Those who thrive behind the scenes to ensure our operations and marketing strategies are executed flawlessly. You are the problem-solvers, the efficiency experts, and the creative minds that keep our engine running smoothly.

Your Role in Our Mission

You will be essential to our day-to-day success and long-term growth. Joining in a corporate function means you are not just part of the team; you are the foundation upon which our operational and marketing success is built. You will bring efficiency, creativity, and innovation to enable our teams to focus on delivering exceptional service.

Ready to Make a Difference?

This is an opportunity to be at the core of our organizational excellence, driving efficiency and creativity in a role that is crucial to our success. At ICUC, we don’t just acknowledge your contributions; we depend on them.

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