2022-23 School Year KIPP Jacksonville Employee Referral Form

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The KIPP Jacksonville Public Schools Employee Referral program allows team members to earn a referral bonus for somebody who is ultimately hired and matriculates into a certified role in our region. 

Team members who are eligible will receive a $1,000 bonus (paid out in two separate $500 installments) for each qualifying referral. 

Policy Overview 

  1. Referrals must be submitted through official means (i.e. this form).  
  2. While you are encouraged to submit a referral for all types of positions, we only pay out referral bonuses when a referrer matriculates into a certified, instructional role. 
  3. The first to refer an individual is eligible for the referral bonus should that individual be hired (as reflected by the time/date stamp in official system). 
  4. Referral forms must be submitted prior to the referred prospect completing a final interview. Forms submitted after the referral's interview, or after an offer for employment has been extended, will not be eligible.
  5. Both the referring employee (you) and the referral must be working at KIPP Jacksonville at the time referral bonuses are paid out (Dec/June).

Let's get started! 

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